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Dress Code


  • All shirts must have sleeves (no exceptions).
  • Shirts must maintain appropriate content.
    • This will be held at the school’s discretion. Some items that may not be appropriate are:
      • TV shows, movies, games, media and music above TV-14
      • Items containing adult ads
  • Ashland will provide at least one shirt each year to every scholar.

Prohibited: No tank tops, muscle shirts, cropped tops, tube tops, bare backs, bare midriffs, bare shoulders, or bare chests.


  • Closed-toe shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes.
  • Tennis shoes or gym shoes are required on gym day.
  • All shoes must either be closed at the heel or have a strap to support the heel. in case of emergency

Prohibited: No flip-flops at any time. No high-heeled shoes, except on special occasions. Shoes with wheels or any other adaptation beyond a normal sole are not acceptable.


  • Sunglasses, bandanas, hats or unusual accessories that become distracting to learning and/or not typically worn as jewelry (i.e.: pocket chains, spikes, dog collars, picks, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Hats, scarves, hijabs, or khimars may be worn for religious, cultural, or medical purposes as approved by administration.
  • Any clothing representing illegal activities for minors including drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, or violence may not be worn.